Out of the refuse a new creature emerges: a persistent multi-species muddle, a wormy pile, a teeming motley plague. It sprouts in gaps and opens new channels of understanding.
It dances a revolution.


Everything that can not be marketed, that does not fit the norm, that seems useless and idle becomes refuse. To be precise, it is the capitalist production and consumption model that generates refuse. It devaluates, throws away and excludes, be it things, living creatures, humans or ideas. However, refuse does not exist in the cyclical nature of life. Rubbish is the perfect raw material for the Revolution. The Re-volution, that is, a turnaround that completes the cycle. How can we dance such a revolution?


We have to decompose the tamed and conceited individual. We make compost out of the ideal image of the white “enlightened man” which generates patriarchal, imperialistic and racist power within eurocentric culture. Inspired by tentacular creatures, vermin and parasitic behaviours, we recompose ourselves anew as a colourful and persistent multi-species muddle.

The Body

This brings about a transformation into a posthumanistic, rebellious body. We do away with the burden of human supremacy, integrate our shadow and welcome anomaly and deviation. New joints, skin and limbs come into being. New sensory and articulation organs develop. What do these new bodies want to do? What will they set in motion?

The movement

Prusaki Corps wants to become a dancing anarcha-feminist gang that embodies a utopia and transforms reality. Can our moving bodies generate a movement that exposes the shortcomings of power by making fun of it?

Open to all those wanting to participate!
All FLINT* persons are explicitly invited. (Female, lesbian, intersexual, non-binary and trans)

Yours, Prusaki Corps