No future without ancestry? Back to the bog!

Culture is what holds us together. The sum of our entire experiences and expressions, stretching all the way back into the beginning of time. Some affirm that there is no future without ancestry, and we agree! However, our origins, the origins of the big WE that encompasses more than the descendants and beneficiaries of the Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty are not represented by the Berliner Schloss, but rather, by the Berliner Schiss. It is from the bog, the swamp, and the marsh that Berlin was born, that all creatures, in fact, were born. That damp and fertile breeding ground was the cradle for the first pulsations of life in the form of amoeba. Our honourable and revered foreparents are no other than tentacular species and wormy piles.

It is for this reason that we, Prusaki Corps, are championing this initiative that is both revolutionary and steeped in the roots of our existence. A golden cockroach is to crown the building of the Humboldt Forum and give it a new and more fitting name: Berliner Schiss. As a reminder of where we come from, so that we will know in which direction to go.

Please #DonateNow and sign up for our Newsletter at our Welcome Desk next to the Anus Portal of the Humboldt Forum on June 11th 2022. We will be happy to meet you there from 14-19h.

Every living creature ingests, digests and excretes and this is why we revel in the peristaltic and gyrating dance of our digestive tract with anus on one end and mouth on the other. Join us if you will in our existentially ludicrous jinks.

Free your ass and your heart will follow!

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